At Kidpreneurship, we believe in the potential of kids and the need to inspire entrepreneurship at an early age. We believe that kids can learn to be entrepreneurs and they have many characteristics of an entrepreneur.


Youthpreneurship sparks an entrepreneurial and leadership spirit among the youths. This will empower them to innovate and create new solutions for existing problems.The program consists of many activities and challenges which allows individuals to work in teams.

Professional Training

Through our professional training we help participants to develop an entrepreneurial expertise, follows case studies and culminates in the process of becoming an entrepreneur. Through our activities we will be able to refine and solve existing problems to create unique and meaningful solutions.

The program is a great initiative and my son now comes up with various ideas when he notices something wrong around him.
Nandini Jaganath

Teacher in NPS

My son is 16 years old and he makes amazing paintings. Infact most of his paintings are framed and kept as show pieces in our house. He always wanted to learn how he can sell his paintings and make money. Through kidpreneurship workshop he got a great insight into how he can set up a small business and make money for himself. Now he puts up a stall during fests to sell his paintings.


My daughter was a part of their workshop in Basweshwarnagar and now my daughter comes to me and says how we can set up a restaurant as she loves the food I make. Her dream now is to set up a restaurant in future.


Young Entrepreneurs Trained