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Our Story

InnovSmart focuses on spreading knowledge through interaction and activities about Entrepreneurship. We all know that Entrepreneurship is an untouched subject in most of the schools and colleges, but it is also important to note that this subject can create a tremendous impact for an individual, which will lead them to create new innovative ideas. We aim to build creative thinking and improve personal and social skills. Having an entrepreneurial mind set helps an individual to think outside the box, problem solving and put his best skills into use, to create a business around it.

InnovSmart has 3 verticals, the first one is Kidpreneurship where we focus on developing entrepreneurial mindset among children between the age of 11yrs – 18yrs. The teaching methods are different for this age group as we have a lot of activities and give hands on experience about developing a business. This program helps kids to develop a positive attitude, learn problem solving and also learn the difference between working for others and working for themselves. Kidpreneurship trains a young mind to follow their dreams, develop the right skills to go behind their dream and how they can make use of these skills to create a business.

The second vertical is Youthpreneurship, which is focused on the youths as the name suggests. As we all say ‘Youth is the Future of our Nation’, in this program we focus on conducting workshops on entrepreneurship for youths in colleges. This is a platform to educate, mentor and help young professionals to realize their potentials, discover their natural entrepreneurial talent and use that to make a career for themselves. 

The third vertical is Professional training, which is targeted on the working professionals. There are many prospective entrepreneurs out there who are looking to control their destiny, solve a real-world problem, be their own boss, create an impact on the society or perhaps just impact on their personal wealth. But starting a business on your own could be scary especially for first-time entrepreneurs or those who have failed in the past. Hence, in our professional training program we focus on mentoring to help prospective entrepreneurs to transform their energy and ideas into successful early stage ventures.