Professional Training

“Its not just about ideas but its about making ideas happen”. Through our professional training we help participants prepare, launch and grow their business. It develops an entrepreneurial expertise, follows case studies and culminates in the process of becoming an entrepreneur. Through our activities we will be able to refine and solve existing problems to create unique and meaningful solutions. The program also helps to boost knowledge and confidence. Our professional training not only prepares participants to become an entrepreneur but also focuses on making participants become an Intrapreneur within their company.


Unique features

Our professional training helps individuals develop leadership skills and ignites an entrepreneurial thinking among them. There are many individuals out there who have amazing ideas/ solutions or they might be failed entrepreneurs and our training will focus on boosting a positive mindset among these individuals and why they need to take the risk. Another important aspect of becoming an entrepreneur is “Failure” and through our program we will let individuals know why failure is important and why making mistakes is okay!

Participants learn how they can become an intrapreneur within their company and how they can further innovate within their company to create unique propositions for an existing flow of work to make it more easier, simpler and meaningful.

There are various topics that we offer in our professional training, few of these are as follows:

  • Technology trends and life cycle.
  • Entrepreneurship process and trends.
  • Innovation: types, open and closed innovation.
  • Business development – Business planning and Business canvas.
  • Branding – Importance of branding and how to create brand loyalty.
  • Silicon valley trends and how you can relate this trend to Bangalore.
  • Supply chain management – procurement, storage, warehouse management, operations, distribution and reverse supply chain.
  • Marketing strategies.
  • Marketing tools.
  • Understanding entrepreneurial framework.
  • Creating compelling value proposition.
  • Identifying market opportunities and understanding current trends.
  • Team building and networking
  • Preparing pitch decks

Participants also learn the importance of becoming a campus entrepreneur and what are the kind of services or products they can sell being a campus entrepreneur. We believe that entrepreneurship is more than just a game of luck: it can be taught! Through Youthpreneurship we help in developing a better understanding of skillsets and mindsets required for prospective entrepreneurs.



Our professional training is provided for working class individuals. The program is offered in a 1-2 day workshop organized by the company. Through the program individuals will learn how to create unique solutions within their company. Our program provides training on various aspects of business and boosts the self-confidence of individuals.



Companies benefit in the following ways:

  • Re-energize your staff
  • Create intrapreneurs
  • Increased performance and participation within the teams
  • A way to train the future leaders in your company
  • Develop positive attitude
  • Improved skill sets
  • Helps employees create new approach to existing problems
  • Builds confidence and increases credibility
  • Create new and innovative ideas for projects


There is more

Program assessment: Our program is designed with various interesting activities and highly interactive sessions. Individuals will not be required to take notes, or have any kind of paper work.

Our Trainers:

VindhyaShree –  Masters degree holder in Technopreneurship and Innovation from NTU, Singapore and Stanford Univeristy, USA. She is a highly motivated individual with quality entrepreneurial experience.

Mana Mohan R – Masters degree holder in Supply chain Management from EM Normandie, France. Holds MBA in marketing and B.E in Computer Science Engineering. He is a self motivated person with a high passion for entrepreneurship.

Cost: Our cost for the workshop is 2000/- for an individual if it is a 1 day workshop and 4000/- for an individual if it is a 2 day workshop.